Holiday Wish List 2019

Help us make the fill our client’s Holiday Season with hope and cheer this year, and consider donating a gift from our HOLIDAY WISH LIST.

We ask that you make your donation by December 13, to allow our volunteer elves enough time to wrap the gifts. Please contact Becky Reichardt at 314-261-6011 ext 123 or for more information, or to make your donation. AND, if you do your shopping with amazon, be sure to visit our Amazon Smile link. Your orders can be shipped directly to St. Vincent.

Gifts Ideas for St. Vincent Youth:


  • Coats
  • Belts
  • Hoodies, Pants, Shirts, Basketball Shorts
  • Athletic Clothing (Adult S-XXL)
  • Pajamas Sets & Slippers
  • Boxer Briefs & Underwear (S-XXL)
  • Socks
  • Tennis Shoes (male & female)


  • Clear Backpacks
  • Duffel Bags
  • Tablets
  • Journals & Pens

Hygiene Products

  • African American Haircare Products
  • Body Wash & Perfume Sets
  • Cologne
  • Feminine Hygiene Products

Entertainment and Dining

  • Shopping gift cards (Target, Walmart, Shoe Carnival, etc.)
  • Tickets and/or gift cards for outings (theater passes, sports events, water parks, etc.)
  • Fast food gift cards
  • MP3 Players

Programs and Services Donations Needed

St. Vincent’s services include residential programs, individualized therapy and counseling, activities-based supports, and more. We have included a list of needs to help us provide these vital services throughout the year:

Residential Units

  • Twin Size Comforters
  • Twin Size Bed sheets
  • Board Games
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Motivational Posters or products to decorate rooms

St. Vincent’s Comfort Room:
A Comfort Room is a designated space that is intentionally designed to help calm an individual who feels stressed, or becomes overwhelmed.


  • Couch, recliner, rocking chair, beanbag chair with “home-like” upholstery
  • Small table
  • Colorful throw rug

Visual Stimuli

  • Table or floor lamps with dimmers/adjustable settings
  • Colored lights and Lava Lamps
  • Art/Décor:  motivational decals, paintings, pictures, affirmations, hanging mobiles
  • Sleeping masks

Audio Stimuli

  • Sound machines/sound (provide white noise, rain, ocean, and other calming sounds)
  • Headphones
  • Musical instruments


  • Temperature: Heating pads, table top or stand fans, water coolers, ice packs
  • Stress: Squeeze balls, squishy balls, slinky
  • Texture: Quilts, blankets, pillows
  • Weighted Objects: Blankets, pillows, medicine balls, neck pillow
  • Stuffed animals
  • Beading, sewing, and knitting kits


  • Scent combinations that are calming, energizing, promoting focus, etc.

Art and Activity

  • Puzzles, Etch-A-Sketch, clay, sketch books, art supplies, books, activity books (Crossword, Sudoku, word search), dry erase board

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