Transitional Living Program

Transitional Living – Youth Ages 15-19

Transitional Living Program is a 90+-day treatment program plus 6-month aftercare services for youth ages 15 to 19 with a goal of building life skills so they can transition into a successful career trajectory and living independently.

Each client receives an initial assessment by a licensed, masters-level clinician, who works with the youth to identify treatment goals and intervention plans. The therapist provides weekly individual therapy, family therapy if needed, and case management. Residents participate in intensive psychotherapy and psychoeducation groups building life and job skills, art therapy sessions, and recreation. Residents also receive non-therapeutic counseling and case management services from staff that includes mentoring and solution-focused interventions for problematic behaviors in residential units.

Services address all aspects of a youth’s life, giving them skills and guidance to successfully transition to adulthood. Program goals are to interrupt dysfunctional behavior patterns and emotional dysfunction, set life goals and address barriers to goal achievement, reduce emotional and behavioral symptoms, and enhance coping skills, goal-directed behavior, and problem-solving skills. Youth receive post-residence outpatient mental health and education/job support services for up to six months as they transition to independent living.

Our highly skilled licensed program staff provide therapeutic support including TELEHEALTH counseling. Telehealth counseling does NOT require Internet access, just a phone.

For further information or to enroll call 314-261-6011.

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