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National Child Health Day

The first Monday in October is National Child Health Day. Each child deserves to be the healthiest he or she can be. From the food they eat to the words they hear, children require support and opportunities to grow.

According to the 2022 Kids Count Data Book ( nationally:

  • 9% of all high schoolers attempted suicide. This rate rises to 12% for black students, 13% for students of two or more races, and 26% for Alaska Native or Native American high schoolers.
  • 23% of LGBTQ youth attempted suicide compared to 6% of heterosexual peers.
  • 17% of children of all backgrounds live in poverty compared to 32% of black children and 31% of American Indian children.

Currently, the state of Missouri ranks 34th in Children’s Health, 18th in Economic Well-Being,  20th in Education, and 28th in Family and Community

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Children’s good health is fundamental to their overall development.  Exposure to violence, family stress, inadequate housing, lack of preventative health care, poor nutrition, poverty and substance use disorder undermine children’s health. Poor health in childhood affects other critical aspects of children’s lives, suck as school readiness and attendance can have lasting consequences on their future health and well-being. Children need stable housing, safe neighborhoods, nutritious food, and financial stability to foster positive physical and mental health and wellness.  Prioritizing meeting basic needs of youth, ensuring every child has access to physical and mental health care – when and where they need it, can help children grow into prepared, and productive adults.



  1. Go for a walk
  2. Play in a park
  3. Do some yard work
  4. Schedule your child’s next routine checkup.
  5. Ensure vaccinations are up to date.
  6. Schedule a routine dental checkup.
  7. Add new healthy activities to your children’s routine.
  8. Set an example by letting your children catch you in healthy habits.
  9. Inspect your child’s toys. Are they broken or age-appropriate?
  10. Share your best tips for helping your children live a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Donate to a charity that focuses on children’s healthcare
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