About The Core Collective at Saint Vincent

Mission: We are on a mission to make well-being the standard for St. Louis. We improve healthcare for families, advance socioeconomic equity, and activate conscious leaders.

Vision: We’re a thriving community invested in the transformational power of youth.

We believe 

  • In a community where every child is loved and receives support, no matter their circumstances;
  • That every at-risk youth deserves the love, security and support to find the right path in their lives;
  • In the sustainability and growth of the communities that we serve through the support of a diverse population;
  • In a strong, active and diverse community that is supported through our programs when needed; and
  • In excellence of services and staff so that we can exceed the needs and expectations of those that come to us for help.

We will—

  • Provide our assistance with empathy, integrity, passion and respect for those that we serve; and
  • Empower every at-risk youth to overcome their challenges and believe in their ability to succeed.

In December 2022, we revealed our new vision, mission, and brand. St. Vincent Home for Children is now The Core Collective at Saint Vincent. We believe this new name aligns with the exciting future of our organization, that we will work together to be a healing hub for our community for years to come.

Founded in 1850, The Core Collective at Saint Vincent has a rich, inspiring history. It is vital that as we transition into the rebrand, we continue to honor our roots and be inspired by the support our organization has given to the community throughout its rich history. The Core Collective is excited to continue our important work and expand our commitment to the St. Louis community through our intensive, residential treatment programs Shelter Support  and Transitional Living, our early intervention Outpatient Support Program, and our Street Outreach Program.

Kids have no money or resources of their own. And when they need help, they count on us – on adults – to support and nurture them as they strive to reach their full potential. But some children are more vulnerable than others. Kids whose families are struggling with poverty, dysfunction, addiction, even homelessness are certainly more likely to be compromised – at The Core Collective, these are our children. iStock_000019467969XSmall

When kids with challenges come to The Core Collective, we do NOT serve them from a place of pity, of “poor child – we feel sorry for you.” We know our children have difficulties, but we also know they have promise – every child does – and that is the part of the child that we seek to open to new possibilities. That is the child we seek to honor, to guard, and to empower. That is the life we seek to renew!

We hope you’ll join us at The Core Collective at Saint Vincent as we seek to honor the past of our children and their families, guard them as they strive to heal and move forward, and empower them as they prepare to face a world of both challenge and opportunity. When we as a community embrace our youth and their futures, we guarantee better results for our children, homes, families, city, community and world. Let’s be the change we want to see by joining together to support our youth. Together, we can impact youth, their families, and the community both now and forever – we can change lives and in many cases…save lives.

Please visit our Programs & Services pages to learn more about our core programs and the impact of our work.

The Core Collective at Saint Vincent
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St. Louis, MO 63121
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