Volunteers are the lifeline of The Core Collective at Saint Vincent!

For over 170 years, volunteers have helped the organization through challenges, transitions and milestones.

Volunteer individually or with your club, church, company or school.  As a volunteer, you can provide friendship to a child, invest your talents as a leader or support us behind the scenes.

Ongoning Volunteer Opportunities

  • Visiting Resource – A visiting resource serves as a mentor for one of our residents-providing him or her with a consistent, positive role model. We ask that all visiting resources be at least 21 years of age and meet with the child a minimum of two times per month. They should demonstrate the following attributes: stable lifestyle, self-confidence, emotional maturity and responsible judgment, good general health, ability to be a positive role model, stable employment history, ability to establish and sustain close relationships, no serious emotional or psychological problems and ability to accept responsibility and to follow through. A visiting resource will work within the agency’s policies and guidelines.
  • Recreation Volunteers – Adults are invited to participate with the children in outdoor/indoor activities (basketball, soccer, kickball, track and field, etc.) as well as share their talents and hobbies in visual/performing arts.
  • Maintenance Volunteer – Help tackle a small but important project around the Home, or provide your talents on an ongoing basis in the areas of gardening, raking, renovation, etc.

For more information on how you can make a difference at The Core Collective at Saint Vincent or to receive a volunteer application packet, call Michelle Quinn, Development and Communications Manager at 636-435-7309 or email mquinn@theccstl.org

The Independent sector values volunteer time at $27.20/hour (2020 valuation).

At The CC, we believe your contributions of time and talents are priceless!
Those privileged to touch the lives of children should constantly be aware that their impact on a single child may affect a multitude of others a thousand years from now.

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